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Warm welcome to New Year 2013

Monday, December 31st, 2012

 Wishing you all a very happy new year 2013

This is not a clichéd new-year statement where we say that the coming year is going to be a whole lot different and exciting, but this statement will surely prove to be true as the days pass by in 2013. There are three crucial and celebratory occasions which fall in 2013 for Veda Solutions, its patrons and to you, and this definitely makes 2013 a terrific year for all of us. But before I elaborate on what those events are I would like to fall back on 2012 before signing off from its calendar.

First let us thank you big time for all the support and help that you extended to us, be it direct course participation, referring your friends to enroll for our courses, word of mouth marketing for us, enrolling for our on-line course from across the globe. We are extremely obliged for your support and participation. And to simply and best put your support we would like to say that ‘without you we do not exist’.

Retrospection 2012

  • We started the first full-time personalized mentoring program for fresh engineers in India. This is a comprehensive 4 month industry readiness course in Embedded Linux and related areas.
  • We have expanded our team strength by including some of our alumnus and industry experts to delivery new, latest and highly improved courses in 2013
  • We have added Android system software porting as part of our in “Linux Drivers and Embedded Developer” course
  • Major updates to our flagship training program  “Linux Drivers and Embedded Developers” Course
  • We have added  5 new corporate clients to our clientèle

Great things lined up for you in 2013

Veda Solutions will officially be 10 years old in ’13 though we started in 2001 as an unorganized group. So 2013 will be marked with as our 10th anniversary year. We are also very proud to say that our flagship program “Linux Driver and Embedded Developer” is being conducted continuously right from 2003 to this date without any breaks. When we started this course in 2003 it was first of its kind available in Hyderabad and to carry this for so many years is truly a testimony of its acceptance and importance by the scores of professionals and system programming enthusiasts across India. So 10 years is a pretty long time and ’13 will be really special for us and for you as well.

Launching “Embedded Linux Platform Developer” in Feb. ’13, again a first of its kind course with comprehensive coverage on target board bring up, Embedded Linux porting, Linux kernel BSP and Embedded Linux Device Driver Development, UBoot customization etc.

This year (2013) we are committed to raise the bar once again, we will shortly be announcing a new Training model (again first of its kind) targeted to help participants interested to start their careers as System Programmers or Embedded Linux Developers. These courses will target areas which are fundamental and important building blocks for making serious inroads into Embedded Systems and Linux System Programming. Details of these courses and admissions will be updated shortly in the website.

All these makes 2013 really special for all of us and we assure you to make more inroads to deliver the best possible trainings to all those who are interested.

Expecting your support always


Process communication using pipes

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Pipe is one of the message passing IPC resource widely used on *nix operating system platforms. Pipes  provide  unidirectional interprocess communication channel. A pipe has a read end and a write end. Data written to the write end of a pipe can be read from the read end of the pipe.


Inline functions vs. Function-like Macros

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Most C programmers are confused about when to use inline functions and function-like macros.