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Do you really know what skills to learn for a career in Embedded Systems?

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The foremost thing for any beginner who is willing to make a career in Embedded Systems is to understand the complete ecosystem of Embedded Systems and its current day demands. Only by understanding these issues they can clearly know the skills that they would need to master to make an impactful career in this area.


Why has it become ever so important to master Linux internals now?

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

The steady and surging demand for software developers with good knowledge on Linux internals is a known fact. But understanding the reason for this demand is the key to any prospective programmer looking to start their careers in Linux system programming or Embedded Systems

So let’s look at the reasons which is augmenting this demand

 Frequent core area changes

A decade ago frequent changes to system software (OS) were extremely limited, as companies were mostly operating in the area of application software. However with the current surge in consumer demand and technology adoption onto newer platforms frequent changes and upgrades to system software has grown tremendously. Convergence, increased mobility of technology, frequent product enhancements etc. also fueled this need, marking a thick rise in demand for quality developers capable of working at the core level. This has brought a rapid and sustained demand for system software engineers

 Android driven

With Android dominating the mobile market, the need to integrate and fine tune Android and Linux onto newer mobile devices is rapidly growing. This is one of the single most factors for infusing a great demand for Linux plus Android system developers

 Embedded gadgets

The world is becoming more technology savvy. People are expecting more gadgets and devices that can assist them at all walks of their life. This trend has heavily impacted the consumer electronics industry, as companies are coming up with more innovative and assistive gadgets to the consumers. Mind you most of these gadgets run embedded software on them.

 More technology enablement

Consumers are expecting more from their devices, be it the television or the watches, they are looking at smart gadgets that can do more than what they are traditionally intended to do. In fact companies have infused these expectations into the consumers by bringing to markets gadgets which offer more. This trend has now made it mandatory for companies to enable technology to its maximum

 Enterprise needs

With more and more companies making strategic changes to their operations, which includes use of technology to the fullest in enabling faster communication, faster decision making, increasing mobility of operations, enhancing customer experience, cutting down competition and so on, are constantly looking for devices and services which can augment their specific business needs.  This has led to a dramatic rise in the use of specific technology enabled gadgets and other services for the enterprise.

Medical Equipments

With more technology available one of the foremost areas of application is medical equipments. With embedded software doing critical tasks, it is widely used in medical devices, which are more capable and more accurate.

Veda Solutions driving this trend to maximize your potential

Veda Solutions with it vast experience in delivering critical system software development training on Linux has marked this trend much earlier and has devised training program that deliver skills, which are exactly needed today. Our training programs are unparalleled in this domain, and we are extremely thankful to our entire alumnus, well wishers for our sustained growth and course offerings.

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