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Upcoming Course Schedules

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Announcing our latest course schedules for you to choose based on your learning convenience. We are also for the first time introducing Instructor led virtual training on Embedded Linux for the convenience of outstation participants.

Schedules for June and July

Course Date Duration Delivery Mode
Embedded Linux June 7 & 8- (9:30am to 5:30pm) 2 full days Weekend Workshop- Classroom (Hyderabad)
Embedded Linux (New) June 16th (7am to 9am) 2 weeks Instructor led virtual training (Now learn from your home)
Linux System and Driver Developer(@ Bangalore) June 27,28,29 – July 4,5,6 (9:30am to 5:30pm) Spread over 2 weekends Classroom @ Bangalore
Linux Driver and Embedded Developer July 14th (7:20 pm to 8:45pm) 3 months Classroom @ Hyderabad


For registrations or for any further details regarding the courses please feel free to mail to or call 040-66100265



Sajith Kumar,

Operations Manager.

Placement Report March-April 2014

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Though the last couple of months were relatively tougher in terms of placements, Veda Solutions managed to scrape in few important placements for its students.  We are extremely happy for these students and also for the many other students who managed to get jobs on their own without our assistance, only possible due to their confidence on the topics.

List of successfully placed candidates



Company Location
Mandala Nagaraju Adya WiFi Metering Hyderabad


Gangadhar S Vedams Software Solutions India P Ltd.


L kameshwar Vedams Software Solutions India P Ltd.


Rakesh Kumar V


Think Embedded


AT Venkatewara Reddy Think Embedded


Gunna Nagesh


Moschip Semiconductor


Achyuth Sai


Moschip Semiconductor




Upcoming Placement Support


Free Prerequisite Training for Linux Driver & Embd. Developer course

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Why this free prerequisite training

  • Trains the participants to get a grip on the prerequisites skills needed for enrolling for the Linux Driver and Embedded Developer course
  • This is a practical oriented program which gives participants hands-on grip on the Linux platform
  • Highly recommended by Raghu Bharadwaj, lead trainer, before enrolling for the Linux Drivers and Embedded Developer course.

“I have seen that some participants who directly enroll for the Linux Driver and Embedded Developer course face issues in understanding the program. The reason is lack of good prerequisite skills and nothing else”

                       —Raghu Bharadwaj (lead trainer)

We have kept this program free of any cost, as we only intend that participants who are interested to enroll for our embedded systems course, “Linux Driver and Embedded Developer” would undergo this training.

Topics Covered in the free program