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Reviewing 2014—See what’s in store for you in 2015

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

The cliché ‘last year has been a good and satisfying year for us’ is definitely worth using here, as 2014 has been both good and challenging. To begin with it has been your support all the way which gave us the spark to lunge forward and complete Veda Solutions’ 11th calendar year. We would just like to summarize the key events and points that punctuated 2014 for us. (more…)

Congrats Bharat Kumar G for getting placed at XILINX India

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

We congratulate G Bharat Kumar for getting placed at Xilinx India through our placement initiative. Bharat surely was a very deserving candidate for a Linux system level programming position and we wish him a satisfying association ahead with Xilinx (who has been one of our clients since 2007).

This is what Bharat had to say about his association with Veda Solutions

“The course (linux system and kernel programming) is more practical than other course I have attended. I really liked the skills of Raghu Sir in presenting and explaining difficult issues throughout the course. The course provided a wide exposure various methods available for performing a task, with the discussions on advantages and disadvantages in each method in depth. The course helped me a lot to get through Xilinx interview as the course topics discussed covered important parts of my work experience, which made me to understand these topics with very good clarity theoretically and practically in all possible ways from basics. I highly recommend the course to fresher or experienced person to have in-depth insight on  linux system and kernel programming.”

—-G Bharat Kumar

How Linux Kernel is released

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

The flurry of contributions ensures that the Linux Kernel is released ever so frequently with updates that are normally way beyond developers’ expectations and indeed futuristic. If you are new to Linux Kernel or are even working on the same you should definitely know (more…)

Fully updated and extended “Linux Driver & Embedded Developer”

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

There has been two key updates to our flagship training program “Linux Driver & Embedded Developer”, one: the course has been fully updated to the latest 3.15 kernel and the second, most important aspect is that we have added new topics to this program, making it (more…)