Can I move from Application development to System development?

Why not, in my experience half of the students who join our training courses have this background. Most of these students do have this question in common and this forced me to write this article.

These are the questions they often ask before joining us

All my years as an application developer will not count if I chose system development?

Absolutely wrong, if you look back on your own career what you call experience is just the way you have matured in the area of software development. And this experience fully counts irrespective of the domain you chose, be it system or application development. The difference comes with the way you use new software or programming languages. So if you have decided to take up system programming then consider your programming experience to be counted and what remains, is to learn specific system development skills in the least possible time

I’m on windows or other platforms can I adjust to Linux?

Understanding an OS is the key to system programming, suppose you were working on OS like windows you current knowledge on it will definitely act as a starting point for you to take a deep plunge into the depths of an open OS like Linux. Your current understanding will help you see the comparative difference of working on multiple OSs

System programming is tough, should I stick to application development which is easier?

Never term anything tough unless you have personally experienced great difficulty using it or working with it. Most students who feel this way are basically speaking what they hear (mostly from people who are not system developers). System programming is definitely easier if taught in the right manner and surely it is by far the most exciting things to learn.

Will there be opportunities for me once I complete your training program?

Yes, talent always gets recognized. What you need to do after the training is simple: start working on system programming projects, there are plenty of open projects going on which are begging for freelance programmers, you can join these projects and simultaneously carry out this with your current jobs. This directly bestows two benefits to you:

  • Will get you the most needed experience, working on system development projects
  • Will add more credibility and employment opportunities, as freelance code contributors are mostly preferred in the software industry now

Final word

It’s up to you to make the final call but remember nothing is difficult or impossible. There are many out there who have successfully done it before




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