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How Veda helped me succeed

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

With poor scores in my engineering I was labeled hopeless by many around me, even I started believing that I cannot make it in the field of software development. But all things changed when out of pure curiosity and ambition to make it big I enrolled for a Linux System Programming course way back in 2001. It was conducted by Raghu Bharadwaj. I also partially enrolled for this course as at that time no one around me knew what system programming was and this gave me a chance to take a dig at them.

But as the course went on more than I learning newer OS concepts what made me sit up and take notice was the kind of clarity that went in to me on the whole concept of system software development. If you today ask me what I gained out of that course, I would say it is pure clarity on software, its evolution and the way we as developers need to look at it and work with it.

The next six months after the course I worked as a software developer for a small company which gave me the necessary confidence and experience.

All this happened in 2001-ā€™02 and today after having worked for 3 multinational companies Iā€™m proud to say that I have settled in the US and am well respected as a Linux Kernel and System Software consultant.

I still believe that the clarity of thought that I got from Mr. Raghu Bharadwaj is still the source of my intelligence when dealing with software development.

Srinivas Chinta (Senior consultant, Linux). You can reach me at