How IOT is impacting businesses and the embedded systems industry

Internet of Things or IOT depicts just another scale of connectivity which is possible because of the Internet and human beings innate need to be connected. IOT is more of an ecosystem than a technology as it aims at binding all the connectable devices over the Internet and provides a platform or a big window of opportunity to make our lives lot easier. This article looks at the impact that IOT has on the embedded systems industry and the businesses around it and also the demand it creates for more embedded engineers.

Business Impact

For ideas to kiss reality the kind of business impact it creates is the most crucial aspect. IOT for sure has the potential to keep the business community and the large software companies to invest and build products based on the IOT ecosystem. The best way to understand this is by looking at some business cases where IOT plays the central role.

Business Cases based on IOT

Example of Unmatched Consumer Service

Imagine you are a frequent traveler and most times you check into a hotel and find that the room is hot or it is excessively cold due to pre-cooling, either ways you will have to set the temperature of the air conditioner, the next thing is you mostly reach out for the TV remote and tune into your favorite channel. Now what IOT can do here is, if you are say a regular at the Taj hotel you can give your room preferences to them and they can log it. So as soon as you arrive at the city the Taj hotel app in your mobile signals your arrival and the registration systems notifies your room no. via an sms and also the air conditioner in the room starts and keeps the temperature to your desired level and the moment you arrive at the hotel room the TV switches on and sets to your desired channel. Now image how would you feel, and would you ever think of looking for another hotel than Taj.


Another crucial area we see is healthcare. There are already numerous companies coming up with products based on IOT on health care. Elderly people mostly need constant health monitoring and they visiting a doctor every now and then isn’t possible, so devices can be developed which can continuously monitor their health status and send in the data to the attending doctor. This can help avoiding health emergencies and also can also prevent loss of life.

Grid based services

IOT is one system where all Grid based services can flourish. As devices on IOT is capable of giving out data pertaining to location, temperature, motion, speed of travel, velocity and lot more, various services using these set of information can flourish


One of the best examples if GE’s smart jet engines that transmits over one terabyte of sensor data per flight. When the plane lands, the airline already knows if any maintenance is required and can expedite the process, saving time and money while decreasing the risk of engine issues in flight. (Source:

IOT based cars can also avoid traffic issues and most importantly prevent accidents as every car’s location, speed, direction of movement is known to the other car

All leads to surge in IOT based businesses

The applications of IOT is endless and it’s natural that companies will develop products based on IOT and there will be an exponential surge in demand for embedded products that will use this network to make our lives better

Why more Embedded engineers

I guess the question is already answered. With so much activity happening in the embedded industry and with IOT opening up a different wide window of opportunity, companies will be inclined to grasp this possibility and so will the need for engineers who can power IOT for them


Good times ahead for all Embedded and System level programmers, so be ready.

Raghu Bharadwaj


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