Learning to learn: How to get the best of our training courses?

Do you think that just by taking training course and following through with lectures, labs mechanically  would  help you achieve course objectives and get the best of it ?

Yes, most students would agree, so if that is all that it takes to get the best, then why is that most students who go through this process religiously still fail to get the best out of a training program . It’s because they fail to understand the whole process of learning.  Follow these small but important steps and experience the difference.

Come prepared to learn

Before entering the classroom, be in the zone, gear yourselves up to learn, put all your concepts aside and be open. This is the ideal mindset to have when you are entering the classroom. It is also highly recommended to freshen yourselves up before coming to the classroom. Try to anticipate the main ideas of the coming lecture: Look over your notes of the previous lecture and read the course material. If you have questions about material from the previous class or concept, ask the instructor before next session.

Put your complete focus on the trainer

This sounds simple, but it is not that simple to focus and be with the trainer throughout the session. It’s better if you choose a place to sit where you feel most comfortable, and if possible avoid sitting with your close friends nearby, to avoid unnecessary conversation or deviations. And please do switch off  your mobile phones.  Put yourself in the “mood” with attentive expression and posture; do not sit in leisure posture.  Shift position in your seat every so often don’t sit frozen in one position . Shifting on occasion will help keep the blood circulating, send more oxygen to your brain, and help you remain alert When appropriate: ask a question, ask for more clarity, or engage instructor and the class in dialogue Train yourself not to give in to distractions

Do not engage in taking lengthy notes

Never engage yourself into writing or quoting trainer’s explanation other than specific dictations  . Students are naturally inclined to do this as they feel it is important for later reference or rather they fear missing these points. But remember that a focused mind is capable of capturing all that is important. I have seen students failing to grasp very essence of the lecture just because they were busy quoting trainer’s lecture as he/she speaks.

keep  focusing  on what is being taught identify the main points or main ideas and capture them into your note’s Use words, pictures, graphs or whatever it takes to get the information down quickly. After the class Summarize key/cue words ,phrases ,questions and pen down Link  to information from textbook, Websites or course material for further reading/learning on the topic.

Mentally revise using connections

Review from memory what you have learned. Start with how the trainer started the session and how the trainer approached the topics, connect one to another and you will soon recollect the entire session. Now Reflect: Think over! How does this relate to what you knew before? Compare, and summarize your learning. There are two benefits to this, your recollection capacity will increase and you will also fully comprehend the topic.

Spend enough time on Practicals with your own examples

The next best thing to do is to practically try out what you have learned with your own examples or test cases; this will further cement the concept and help concretize  your learning. Remember the more time you spend trying what you learned, the more confidently you will recall it.

Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

Make it a habit to thank and appreciate your trainer for the knowledge shared that instigated your learning process. One of the most impressive reasons for being grateful is the positive impact on the way you think and feelResearch shows that grateful people have, “higher reported levels of the positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy . . .” and your gratefulness and appreciation would encourage, energize and motivate  trainer to give his/her very best, and helps you build healthy relationship with trainer.

 Hope these pointers help enhance your learning , keep acquiring knowledge.

Raghu Bharadwaj and Sajith

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