No Embedded Jobs for Freshers? And you believe it

Of late, especially in the last two weeks I have interacted with a lot of fresh engineers during the career counseling sessions and surprisingly most of them raised a common question or rather had a common concern, ‘Freshers are not eligible for any embedded system jobs’.

I was taken aback by this statement and then went on explaining to them as to why this is a false or rather an utterly foolish statement to hang on to.  But now as I see a growing number of freshers being poisoned by these foolish statements so I thought to write this article.

My first question to them was ‘who said that’? Then I started getting all sorts of answers, my seniors, my brother, my lecturer and my friends. Then I asked where did they get the information from, and they simply said they never bothered to ask as they simply believed them. They said even software professionals said that there are no opportunities for freshers and they should restrain from choosing embedded systems.

So if any of you are still being bothered by this thought I have one advice for you, use a bit of common sense. Now what is said were true, then no fresher would choose embedded software development as their career, and within couple of years there will be no embedded engineers available for hire.

Actually it all started like this. In a certain embedded company as the delivery pressure grew on some of their embedded software projects they insisted that only experienced engineers shall be hired and freshers are not welcome. This information was passed on distorted as ‘in embedded industry freshers will not be hired’.

I want you to clearly understand these

  • If no fresher takes up embedded software careers there will be no embedded engineers to hire within the next two years. And where would the companies go handle the scores of upcoming embedded projects?
  • Embedded System is the fastest growing consumer market in the whole of IT industry. And it’s embedded engineers who develop all these gadgets.
  • Never listen to statements and start believing it. Check the source of information and the credibility of it and more importantly the context in which the statement was made. You will be good that way.
  • The only set of people who will be happy if the statement were true are the currently working embedded engineers, as their value will be worth more than gold, every embedded company will be fighting for them, as there is no fresh talent coming up. Ha ha..
  • More importantly follow where you passion takes you, if it is embedded software just go ahead and craft your career, success will follow you

Hope this clears, Cheers.


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8 Responses to “No Embedded Jobs for Freshers? And you believe it”

  1. Krishna says:

    companies don’t even give chance to freshers…

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  2. ajith says:

    yes..this is true…iam also agreeing…

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  3. shivshyam says:

    This is true but How to approach to get the job in Embedded system as a fresher

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  4. rajesh kanna.v says:

    yeah sir its real one how can we get in to embedded company.

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  5. thank u sir giving us a hope in our sector

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  6. Tavva DILIP KUMAr says:

    thank you sir for conveying this message

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  7. I.Mallikarjun says:

    this is true………

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  8. sirinraju says:

    If there is no Embedded jobs for freshers? then how they get Experienced peoples?

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