Placement guaranteed course??– An Open Letter to Engineers

Recently I had a young engineer call me and not so surprisingly was relentless in her demand for a placement guaranteed training program on embedded systems. She insisted that if she is paying so much fee for the course, it’s the responsibility of the training institute to provide guaranteed placement.

Though I understood her deep need to grab on to a job after completing the training program, what disheartened me was the inability of the student to understand and analyze what it takes to get a job and make a successful career instead of looking for a shortcut or quick passage to a job.

What I want fresh engineers like her to think is:

  • Understand what it takes to make a career. Look at what skills and in what depth should they know to make a career.
  • How and where to look for help or assistance to become skilled in the most effective and smart way.
  • Then pursue the path and become competent

Only after these 3 steps they should be THINKING about a job.

But fresh engineers are just targeting the last part of it, ignoring the whole process of becoming competent or rather blindly believing anyone/institute who promises a job. Remember that getting any job is not the solution, it’s only how successfully and joyfully you do your job that makes the whole difference.

I’m also not against institutes offering job guaranteed courses. But my appeal to students is that, instead of focusing on jobs initially (a shortcut) focus on what skills and how to acquire them. Students who focus on adding the skills are the ones who understand what it takes to sustain in this field and how to successfully deliver once they turn professionals. Others, mostly end up in jobs which they will slowly start to hate or realize that it’s pretty mediocre.

My concern is not the intent of the students but on how they are approaching to get there. Remember that becoming successful is not about getting a job, it’s about increasing your competence to get there. And once you are competent getting a job will just be a consequence.

Becoming successful is not about getting a job, it’s about increasing your competence

Most institutes are doing a great job by helping students find jobs. But I believe that students should be more worried initially about developing competence rather than looking for job assurances.

Below are specific pointers on how to start in your path to developing competence

  • First make a shift in the way you think. To be specific, instead of looking for institutes offering job guarantees look for what skills are currently needed to become successful in embedded systems industry.
  • Check whether you are ready to learn those skills. Remember that if you sincerely feel that you are not ready for this, you can simply quit and look for other interesting career options.

Most fresh engineers who come to us don’t even know what skills are really needed to make a career, and very surprisingly they just believe the training institutes for this. This is a really bad practice, as students out of interest and curiosity should know what skills are required, and if they cannot then they are simply not fit for this

  • Start learning and in the process check how your interest for the subject is growing and intensifying. And once you realize this, learning will be extremely joyful, and the eagerness will take you further. The most rewarding fact here is the confidence that you build during the process and it’s this confidence that will take you places in your career path.


All the very best,

Sajith Kumar,

Manager Operations,

Veda Solutions

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