Qualities to learn core Linux programming skills


There are certain qualities one should possess to really become skilled and build successful careers in core programming areas like Linux kernel programming, Embedded Linux or Device Driver development.

When we started our course on Linux system programming way back in 2001, mostly working professionals attended the course and they clearly understood what it takes to make best use of the course. But now as many fresh graduates are pursuing this as a career we want to make them understand the qualities and attitude for learning core programming skills.

Below mentioned are key qualities for learning Linux system programming

Are you fundamentally a programmer?

This is probably the first question that you should be asking. It’s not about knowing C language from the books that you read, but about your ability to write code to solve a given scenario. Most students come up and say they know C, but fail when we ask them to write code. Fundamentally you must have a habit of writing programs regularly, only then you can qualify as a programmer.

It’s not about information but about perception

Fresh engineers tend to rely more on getting information and seldom focus on increasing their perception about the concept. This makes them look for more and more information from books and other study materials on core area programming. They believe more the information the better it is, but in reality the more they perceive broader aspects of the topic the better it is. The solution here is to fully rely and surrender to the trainer and his training methodology.

Do not worry about the syntax, look at the larger picture

Fresh engineers are busy understanding the syntax and code and focus less on the concept and design of the overall program. They fail to realize that they should get the concept, design and practicality of the topic first, and code is something that they can follow later. This is especially true for students who are fundamentally not strong in programming. An employee can easily relate to this and makes best use of the program.

Learn to build a career, not to get a job

Most fresh graduates look for instant jobs, they fail to realize the fact that they are in the process of building a career and not in the process of getting a job. This realization is extremely important; as the students would then begin to do all those things which are needed to become skilled and deserving rather than do things to get a job somehow. It is also extremely sad to see many new training institutes banking on this eagerness and offer placement guaranteed courses. Remember that it’s not about getting your first job; it’s more about how you have built your fundamental understanding about the area that you have chosen to make as your career.

Give yourself time

Every individual has his own style and pace of learning or comprehending a subject. For some it may take more time than others, and especially core subject like this may take more time for fresh engineers to understand. So it is perfectly ok to give yourself ample time to comprehend these topics.

Easy to get deviated

You may not easily get the concepts in the first go. This is where most fresh graduates get deviated, as they feel this is a harder area to crack. But the point is they are simply not ready to give in their full commitment and use the support system provided by the institute. Remember that the ones who do are the ones who are extremely successful as system level programmers, and this is a reality and our experience.

Learn for yourselves

What we mean is learn to know things by following your natural learning instincts and not for any other reason. Do not learn to compete or for getting a job, because this will make you only worry about things that can get you a job and not let you learn things the way they should be.

Trainer’s contribution

The role of a trainer is extremely important here. If you are serious about learning, you should have a trainer who can increase your perception and skill to understand something and not to give you more and more information in the name of more content.

Remember that becoming deserving is the best a student can do, jobs and career are just a consequence.

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Raghu Bharadwaj

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