Reviewing 2014—See what’s in store for you in 2015

The cliché ‘last year has been a good and satisfying year for us’ is definitely worth using here, as 2014 has been both good and challenging. To begin with it has been your support all the way which gave us the spark to lunge forward and complete Veda Solutions’ 11th calendar year. We would just like to summarize the key events and points that punctuated 2014 for us.

New Initiatives in 2014

  • Started ‘Embedded Linux Project Engineering’ which focuses on giving practical exposure to students pursuing our courses on Embedded Linux and Drivers
  • Updated our flagship program ‘Linux Drivers and Embedded Developer’ onto the latest kernel (3.15) and added additional training sessions to the course making it a 4 month program (3 months earlier)
  • Launched a fundamental online program on Embedded Linux, for kernel programmers who are new to Embedded Linux

Corporate Training Front

  • We delivered our second corporate training to GE, Hyderabad on Linux Kernel, Drivers and Embedded Linux
  • We delivered our fourth corporate training to Xilinx India, Hyderabad on Kernel and Drivers
  • Delivered corporate training to Silicon Image (new client)
  • Delivered corporate training to TCS (new client)

Notable Trends

It is satisfying to note that many fresh engineers are preferring our advanced courses which is a clear indicator that fresh engineers are scaling up and taking up the challenge to learn core programming concepts, which was solely a forte of working professionals.

2015 ahead

  • Year ahead is going to be lot more exciting with our plans to conduct advanced and specialized training programs targeted towards both working professionals and other enthusiasts. There will be announcements regarding this in the first half of January
  • We will also be launching new online programs in the first quarter (announcement shortly)

Without you it would not be possible

We thank you for your support and expecting your continued support ahead.


Warm regards and wishing you a merry Christmas and a Great year ahead,

Team Veda Solutions,

Signing off 2014

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