So much free information, so why a training course?

Ever y information that you need is freely available on the Internet, there are dedicated sites, technical forums, blogs, articles, Q&A, technical groups and so on to bombard you with the needed information, so why do you need a paid training course, or do you?

I regularly come across developers who say this to me and they also debate on the needlessness in undergoing a professionally organized training course. So does this argument hold ground, let’s analyze. I want you to be with me for the next few paragraphs.

Yes, it is absolutely true that information is now freely available and one of the main reasons for developers to ignore a training course is because they now live in an age where every specific question of theirs is answered fairly quickly, so truly speaking, do they need a paid training course?

Well on the first impression it looks true but I need to bring certain points to your notice, obviously I need you agreement on this.

  • Information/solutions that you often find are always quick fixes to your problems and do not necessarily equip you with the knowledge which you can use to fix problems that would arise later in the same area. Do you agree?
  • Does the quick solution give you clarity on the entire subject or does it just help you to understand a concept, which in turn helps you to fix a temporary bug/issue or to clear a minor concept?
  • Don’t you think you are just surviving on others intelligence
  • And have you ever realized that this is also stopping you from gaining complete access to organized information

Now another aspect of free information is that you have lots of free study material available, so what’s the problem with that?

Well the information boon is also its bane. Information that is freely available on every topic is obviously overloaded and moreover they are not subjected to scrutiny or authenticity (not in every case though). Every other website talks about the same topic, every author is free to put his views based on his perceptions and experiences. All this creates a challenge for you, as to which content to pick, and analyzing which content is right for you. This is an effort and time driven challenge which you have to overcome and in most cases you absolutely cannot afford it, keeping your busy work schedules in mind. This is also one of the reasons that most developers rely on easy and quick solutions to the most important and current technical problems. All this will also leave you with a feeling of is there more to learn or have I looked at all the issues yet?

And even though you went through the grind and deduced all the right and needed information that you require, another supplementary challenge is that you mostly will not be able to talk to those authors/websites to clarify your queries, and even if you happen to do that it will only drag your time more, and if you had collected your information from multiple authors/websites then you have to seriously ride on your luck for that.

Now if you were sincere enough throughout this article you should by now must have realized some key issues:

  • Information overload problem
  • Lack of credible and conflicting information
  • Lack/loose interaction between the author/website and you
  • No entirety of information
  • Will make you a quick fixer and not someone who can fix problems by your knowledge on the subject
  • Will quick fix help you with project designs, client meetings or technical discussions?
  • Extremely time and effort taking learning process
  • Demands your focus and discipline
  • And the biggest question, can you afford that much time?

This is exactly why I recommend a training course, so just to glace at its benefits

  • Drastically reduces your learning curve
  • Deals with the entirety of the subject
  • Get to interact with a reliable source of information (trainer)
  • A trainer with experience understands the varied requirements and needs of a student
  • Every topic is delivered in an easy to understand format
  • Precise material for reference
  • You can rely on your trainer for post training clarifications
  • Helps you to easily manage work and learning

Remember I’m not advocating a paid training course at all times, but I’m in strongly for a restrained and smart use of free information.

Grow your knowledge, Cheers,


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